-the working dog-

As indicated on our Contact Us page under our telephone number, you will reach a landscaping business.  This is our "real job" or "day job" as they say.  Breeding mastiffs is simply a dream come true!  I am a landscape contractor, by trade.  My daughter, Aimee and I run our landscape business from home.  In the past, at some point in time, all three of my (now grown) children have been on Just A Cut Above Landscaping have some of our dogs!  After all, mastiffs are a Working Breed! 

Scroll quickly through the following photos and appreciate the validity in that old saying that you should never hire family!!  As you can probably tell by her facial expressions and by her constant barking of orders, Daisey Mae was signed on to assume the position of supervisor.  I love you boys (my two adult sons), but I am glad you have both found your own careers to enjoy and Moose and Mae, as always, I miss you!!

  Daisey Mae and Moose are happily working together on the irrigation system.
Parker, my youngest son, joins the crew.
Daisey has taken on the role of supervisor.
  "Moose, Mom needs the bucket."

  "Come on Moose, she needs it now!"
  "I'm trying..."
  "Okay, I got it."
  "Oooops!!  Lost it."

"I think you're just fooling around."
  "Moose...this is getting ridiculous!"
  "Moose, I've had it with you."

Daisey Mae is very serious.  Look at her face!
  "You are SO fooling around!!!"
    "I'm on a break."

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