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           Heritage Hearth Mastiffs...
                presents our first litter showcased here for your enjoyment.
                                                      2005 Litter 
                                                   Benz    and     Hedy  
                Litter July 2005    
   -        (their   pedigree)
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Benz and Hedy's  "Courtship" 

Our "Lady in

Arrival of the Puppies 

Weaning, First Steps &  Little  
Eyes Opening

Feeding Frenzy

Playtime and Socialization

Portraits  Health Testing
     &  HEDY

We have said our final good-byes to all the pups that are leaving us.  Well, that is until we see them again!  Below are the first portrait pictures taken of each pup and then another as they all left.  More photos will be posted to their "own page" soon, so just click on their original picture to follow their journey.  As you can probably see, saying good bye got more and more difficult each time a pup left to go to their new home, that by the time I got to Black Boy, I decided to take the picture with my grandson!

Grey Boy  

Green Boy  
White Boy

Blue Boy  
Red Boy  

Black Boy   
 And the girls...
Blue Girl               Pink Girl           Purple Girl        Yellow Girl


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