mastiff Rescue programs

I rescued my first mastiff in 1980.  A bulldog breeder called letting me know I was the only person anyone knew in Contra Costa County that had mastiffs and asked if I would I be interested in helping out.  At the time Autumn Amber, our sweet, aging, apricot bitch was failing but as anyone can imagine, it is nearly impossible to turn your back on a mastiff who needs you.  Without hesitation, this big fawn boy joined our family.  Autumn actually seemed relieved and after a few months, turned the family over to Spencer, as my kid’s named him.  I have been an active volunteer with both FORM (Friend's of Rescued Mastiffs) and the Mastiff Club Of America's Rescue Program.  

Pearl stayed with us as our most recent houseguest, prior to her permanent placement with her new dad.  She is seen here with my grandson, who is working with her to find a way to “escape” off the back deck so together they can enjoy a run on our hill beyond. 

I have written an eight page “Owners Manual” that I send home with all new parents of rescued mastiffs as they leave my foster care.  It offers lots of solid, practical advice complete with referenced sections, on the proper care of their new family member.  My contact information is listed in this manual.  An entire section is devoted to Separation Anxiety and everyone is encouraged to stay in touch with me.  But as most of you may have guessed, this is for my separation anxiety!

When times were “financially lean” for me, and purchasing one of these precious companions was not an option, I have very much appreciated the opportunity to foster any mastiff that came my way. 
Here are just a few of the many Mastiff Rescue groups:

FORM: Friends of Rescued Mastiffs

WCM: West Coast Mastiff and Large Breed Rescue

REMC: Redwood Empire Mastiff Club

MCOA:  Mastiff Club of America

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