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Registration of Your Purebred Puppy

All our puppies will be evaluated at eight weeks of age, and sold as either Potential Show/Breeding Quality with Full AKC Registration, or Pet Quality with a Limited Registration.  The designation of quality will determine the contract agreement. 


The American Kennel Club has made two different categories for registering purebred dogs available to breeders so we will have a method of keeping some control over our breeding programs, only reproducing the mastiffs that are worthy.  Most reputable breeders agree that not every puppy from every litter should be bred.  We strive only to reproduce the best qualities and traits of a mastiff, following the mastiff standard offered through the MCOA.   Limited Registration helps us restrict progeny as we breeders see appropriate.  A dog/bitch placed on Limited Registration is restricted from registering any litters they produce and from being shown in AKC sanctioned dog shows or events.  No litters produced by a dog or bitch sold on Limited Registration will be eligible for AKC registration. 


The designation of Limited may be upgraded at any time by the breeder/litter owner of record to Full Registration should the breeder find this to be appropriate. 


Full Registration allows your dog or bitch to be fully registered through the AKC and all litters produced from your new dog/bitch are eligible for registration and that he/she may be shown at any AKC sanctioned event.

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