Secret X Jack testosterone gene pool!
JackMuddPuppyPlayland 040_crop
   This is Uncle Bubba (Secret's littermate brother). 

   He dribbles, he receives the pass, he shoots, he
   displays fancy footwork. 

   He is handsome, athletic, and David Beckham has
   nothing on him!   

JackMuddPuppyPlayland 036_crop  JackMuddPuppyPlayland 037_crop                       
JackMuddPuppyPlayland 038_crop  JackMuddPuppyPlayland 047_crop  JackMuddPuppyPlayland 043_crop  JackMuddPuppyPlayland 046_crop

                 Yep...and then below, is your babydaddy, Jack.  My sweet, 200 pound cuddle boy!
               JackMuddPuppyPlayland 035_crop

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