The summer of 1950


                                  I joined the family in the winter of 1950...



 We were just playing with the kitties... although, looking back, I think Rudy was trying to
 protect them from me! 


                                                  Now it's 1953...                                                                                         



                                The whole family gets into the shot...even Grandma!!

Now it's 1954...

My parents thought purchasing Nosey, my rocking horse, would discourage me from riding mastiffs...but just a few years later I had pretty much mastered the art!
This  is Gentry.  Another new puppy.   My dad called him Gentry the Sentry, and couldn't have been any prouder of him than he was of Rudolph. 

My mom is pictured above with him at 6 months, attempting to stack him for the pose. 

In the upper right, years later, my dad attempts to stack him.

When you see Early Show Years you'll realize that none of us were very good at this.

Check out my dad's!!  It was definitely the '70's!!! 
  Unfortunately, my dad passed shortly
  after the picture of him with Gentry
  above.  The first Christmas was tough. 
  No way was my mom going to pose with
  Gentry for the yearly Christmas card. 

  But she was a trooper, she sure got him
  to pose pretty.  Check out how jet black 
  his muzzle was then. 
It was years later...check out how gray Gentry is in the shots below!  Aimee to the rescue!  It was time to respond to all the family friends asking about "Jim's big dog."  So Aimee was told, we are going to Grandma's to take the Christmas card picture.  Your job is to cheer her up so she will be happy.

We hung the wreath on the corner of the mantle, and shot a whole roll of film!

            "Okay Mom, Gentry is just fine, you look into the camera and smile!"

  "Okay Mom, you look way too pensive and
    you keep messing with the dog.  Just look
    into the camera and try to be happy."

        Oh great!!  Now my mom and Genrty are singing!  There is way too much fooling around! 
        I guess I will have to step in and try to get control of this photo shoot.  "Aimee, you man
                                      the camera  in case there is a good shot." 

Merry  Christmas  Everyone! 


        Julie and Gentry


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