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Reserving A Heritage Hearth Puppy

Please e-mail us for information on our next breeding.  Our puppies are placed in both Pet Quality and Show Quality approved homes.  The price is the same, $2,500.  Potential show pups are sold with a specific contract agreement.

Most Heritage Hearth pups are reserved prior to being born.  An approved Puppy Application with a deposit of $500 will put you on our waiting list.  No check will be cashed prior to pups being born.  Once the pups are here and we have agreed (via telephone or e-mail) that you and your family are ready to welcome a new pup into your family, your check for deposit will be processed.  Anyone having a Puppy Application on file with us will be contacted directly by e-mail or telephone, regarding our upcoming breeding plans.  Every effort will be made to insure we have made the best possible match to place the right puppy with the appropriate family. 

All Heritage Hearth pups come with an Owner's Manual and "technical support!"   The Owner's Manual has been written by me, drawing from my many years of experience with this breed.  I encourage all new puppy parents to stay in touch and contact me anytime for help with their Heritage Hearth puppy  and all the way through his adult life.  Please share pictures, "puppy firsts," information, and concerns.