Meet the Current Bunch

                      Small, medium, and large...or how 'bout brindle, fawn, and apricot!!!
I am so happy to announce that after years of waiting for another apricot, I finally got my Rosie!
She is pictured on the far right and is just 7 months old in this shot.  Maggie, who is the fawn in the center, is one of Hedy's pups from her first litter and she is just one year old in this picture.  Shakespeare, our big brindle boy, has been with us for years and his only concern is having to share more space on the Futon!
Shakespeare and Lil' Mighty Mo bonded immediately when Mo joined our gang at 8 weeks old.  It must have been a "guy" thing!   A little over a year later, the "guy" bond is still there!  They both share the Futon much better than any of the girls!!

To see more of Mo, please click here for his personal puppy page and here for pictures of his show career!!
I have decided to share with you our version, if we were to do one, of a Testimonial to the Futon Company.  This Futon has been in our kitchen for years, in its upright position, on a first come, first served basis.  We suddenly realized we could accommodate more dogs if we just opened it.  It worked...
                                         My compliments to the Futon Company!

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