Well        Wilson the Pug 
           in love
Gue   Guess with who??** 
                          Details at:
            Wilson has many famous, (Hollywood-famous), pug friends friends.  Click on his website and scroll down to to         see.  One of them will be making a "guest appearance"
            in The Ugly Pugling, coaching Wilson on his love-life
            with Hedy! 

            Stay tuned....     

       In bookstores now! A  
       charming pug love
       story...with a twist!

      The Ugly Pugling:
      Wilson the Pug in Love
(Viking Studio/Penguin Group,  
                                October 18, 2007) 
 Well, you won’t believe who Wilson the Pug has fallen in love
with…**it is our very own Hedy!

We are so proud to announce this wonderful children’s book,
writen by Nancy Levine, featuring many of our Heritage Hearth mastiffs!

It's a ‘must read’ for you parents with young kids, but
entertaining for adults too!

Please look for it in the bookstores now! It can also be found at www.amazon.com and www.bn.com

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