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2005 White Boy

                                                                                          breeder endorsement by Jake's mom

 Our most recent picture of Jake and Kelly...                                                     
Below, is the most amazing picture of a mastiff I have ever seen...I believe Jake's dog walker took the shot.  Kelly, Jake's mom, has no idea how sentimental this photo is for me.  After my dad passed, we brought his ashes out just beyond the Golden Gate Bridge.  As he requested, we burried him at sea.  I just love this picture! 

More pics of Jake growing up.  
Jake has just come home for the first time.  It looks like his new sibling cat is saying, "Mom, just what have you done?"                                                    This is a great shot of Jake.  He grew up on the streets of San Francisco.  His walks everyday took him by the San Francisco Fire Department where he became their mascott! 

 Here is White Boy, now Jake, at 2 1/2 weeks old

And the famous good bye...  
 Okay, over to you Kel...I know he is in good hands!                                                                                             
                                                               ( All Pups)