Sydney, just 7 months old, has taken Reserve Winner's Bitch in a major.  She took this win over her sister Chloe, and other very nice girls in the 6-9 puppy class.  Then, with the exception of Winner's Bitch, she went on in the competition to be placed over 8 other girls that were older and more mature than she was at the time of this show for her big win.  We are very proud of both of them!


This was Sydney's third show and if memory serves me, her last time in the ring.  She is owned by my daughter Aimee and her new husband, Dave.  Shortly after this show, Aimee (pictured above) became engaged, got married, and bought a house up in Sebastopol, California that they are now remodeling.  Although Sydney bolted out of the gate with such a strong start toward her championship, her AKC title just wasn't in the cards!  
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