Puppy Parties
It is important to socialize puppies with humans and other animals as early as possible.  My goal is to have all my pups held, handled, and cuddled with by at least 25 new humans before they go home with their new families.  Once their first set of shots are given, we schedule a Puppy Party for the new "puppy families" to come and get acquainted with all the pups. 


Maybe the pups are just a bit too young to play fetch!!
                                      There is always something so special about a hug,
                                especially when it is between lil' ones, human and furry!!! 

During one of the Puppy Parties, we caught little Purple Girl closing a deal with Al to take the "Stinky Toy" Moose when she goes home with her new family.   Just check out the High - 5 she is giving him!!!

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