Jack is a new AKC champion!!!                             

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Cow Palace Show - January 2010

Coupar is featured in the S.F. Chronicle! See article here:
http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/object/article?f=/g/a/2010/02/01/Golden_Gate_Kennel_Club_dog_show.DTL&object=%2Fc%2Fpictures%2F2010%2F02%2F01%2Fba-dogshow_ja_11_0501140581.jpg   You may have to scroll through the photos to find him. He is photo #6 of 14.

We were very proud of all our mastiffs (as well as the other mastiffs in attendance) at this very busy show. They were great representations of our wonderful breed. We were very happy to share our gentle giants with so many members of the public! This is what Coupar's mom, Susan, had to say about Coupar's experience:
"Coupar seemed to enjoy the day - loved the crowd and just laid in his froggy way when he was tired.  Couldn't get him to lay on the bench - too far from the people."
Susan also added, "This was our first benched show.  We weren't sure what to expect.  It was a long day for us (up at 3 am, back home just before 10:00 pm), but it was fun.  LOTS of people who were fascinated in how large mastiffs are - lots of people taking pictures on cameras and cell phones as they walked up and down the mastiff 'aisle', visiting with the exhibitors.  There was a good representation of the breed -  from puppy to adults."  Thank you to Coupar's parents, Susan and Alan for making the effort to be there--it is a long weekend, whether you're there for one day or both! Thank you to the rest of our Heritage Hearth family and dogs for being there and doing such a great job sharing your mastiffs with everyone. We really appreciate it!

Great show! See you all next year!!!


Petaluma - September 2009

Coupar (aka Heritage Hearth Reivers Heart Coupar) got Best Puppy and then earned a Group 4! His owners, Susan and Alan, have been very dedicated to bringing him to the shows and Coupar just loves it! Susan and Alan's son, Jon, has been showing Coupar and does a great job!

In other puppy news, Burton and Missy (littermates from Lucy X Derwood) made their show debut, after just having turned 6 months old.  They did quite well for their first show and we are looking forward to their future show participation!

Santa Rosa Shows-August 2009

Kuma (aka Heritage Hearth's Bernstein Bear) made his show debut, at just under 3 years of age. His owners were not able to have Kuma join the show world until now because of their busy schedules. We were all expecting Kuma to just go through the motions that he learned from a few conformation training classes he had gone to in order to prepare for the show ring.  Instead, he proudly strutted around the ring like a seasoned pro and got back-to-back majors and was also awarded Best Bred-By Exhibitor!  We felt so honored when one of the judges that chose Kuma for Best of Winners after he earned the Winners Dog placement, asked us to send her a copy of the winning photo so she could add it to her portfolio!
The following weekend, Kuma took Winners Dog both days in Grass Valley, and then in Petaluma the subsequent weekend, he earned another 2 points, taking Winners Dog and Best of Winners on one of the days!  We are so proud of Kuma's accomplishments thus far in the show world and look forward to finishing his championship!

Grass Valley - September 2007

Winston (aka Heritage Hearth's Underestimated) is a finished AKC champion!!!!  He is one of the pups from our very first litter, 2005.  He is the first Heritage Hearth bred mastiff to attain his championship title.  He finished with 3 majors (one 4-point major and two 3-point majors)!!!   Karin, his owner (and relatively new dog show handler) put every single point he earned on Winston herself, making him completely owner-handled, which is a feat in itself. 

And not to stand in the shadow of her big brother, Ivy (aka Heritage Hearth's I've Got Attitude), came home with a very solid Reserve Winner's Bitch over many nice bitches in the ring, including our Rosie and Chloe.

Also, since I am bragging...Dusty, our new Derwood X Chloe puppy, earned Best Bred By Exhibitor* of mastiffs which entitled him to compete in the next level of competition against other breeds, most of them far more mature than he was at just 6 months of age.  This was his very first show and what an accomplishment this was!! 

Pictures to come!! 

* One of the reasons I compete in AKC sanctioned dog shows is to stay in check with the other breeders that are breeding mastiffs.  I may not win every time my dogs are in the ring, no one does.  But when I do win, I feel that my breeding program has once again been validated, my very well-thought out breeding decisions made for each litter are reconfirmed, and that I am producing mastiffs that are truly contributing to the betterment of the mastiff breed.  The winners are chosen because they are the best representation of the mastiff breed on that particular day, in that particular judge's opinion. 

July 2, 2007  Mighty Mo just had his photo shoot with the Milk-Bone people for the cover of the box!  There are just too many details to share, so I have devoted a whole page to the experience.  Click here for all the fun!!  The new box cover should be on the shelves by September 2007.


February 17 - 19, 2007 at the Santa Clara fairgounds...

Five of Hedy and Mo's pups met at the Santa Clara fairgrounds for a 5-month reunion get-together on Saturday evening.  We even had the honor of "new-puppy-parents-in-waiting" join us for all the fun!  The pups competed in a "B" match.  For their first time out, I felt they all did a great job.  It was so wonderful to see new Heritage Hearth puppy parents so enthusiastic about their prospective champs.  Our little Lucy got a Group 2 award in the puppy category.  Kuma's family came all the way up from San Diego for the event.  Kuma made it worth their while when he was presented with a giant rosette for Best in Show, or for those more technical, Best in Match!  Either way, it was announced that 125 dogs competed that evening and we were all just thrilled!

And as if that wasn't enough excitement, on Monday Winston went Best of Winners just one dog short of a major!  Nice win, Winston and Karin, way to go!!!  As soon as I can, I will link you to the pictures.

As the breeder of these puppies, this weekend was so rewarding for me.  Hedy's pups from both her litters are competing in the ring and doing so well.  I am so proud of them and only hope this is just the beginning of what is yet to come!   

January 29, 2007
- We have terrific news!!!  We are so happy to announce that according to the ultrasound done today, we will have puppies arriving on February 25th or 26th or 27th!!! 
Please contact us for more information by
clicking on the link above.  Also, please visit both Mom and Dad's Personal Pages to see pictures of the parents and grandparents of this litter, Chloe and Derwood.  Derwood is an apricot brindle and Chloe is a fawn.  This means that we may have all three colors of mastiffs available...apricots, fawns, and brindles!!!  
And be sure to check back with us soon on our website to follow all the excitement of their arrival!

                                                        This is our Rosie

We are so proud to introduce Rosie, Thunder Sky Devil Diva of Heritage Hearth!!  She has certainly been a joy to have around and completely lives up to her name!  Check out more pictures of her in the Current Bunch, and her personal page, Rosie.
Wooohooo.  Mighty Mo WINS BIG!!!!!   He will be on the cover of the extra large breed Milk Bone boxes next year!!   http://www.milkbone.com/myaydf2006winners.aspx

Yes, Mighty Mo won the Milk-Bone contest and we have all of you to thank!!  
He will now be the new "poster child" on the extra large box of milk bones next year.  

We really don't know all the details yet.  He has been featured in two local newspapers and there was some talk about a TV appearance on "Good Morning America."  


We are really excited and a little overwhelmed.  During all this time Aimee has gotten married, bought a new house, and as most of you already know, Mo has sired his first litter of 13 pups!  


Life is beginning to return to normal, as we know it.  As soon as we learn more details, like when we can all expect the milk bone boxes to be in pet stores and supermarkets, we will let you know.


In addition to all your votes, Aimee and I also thank you for all the heartfelt congrats! 


September 20, 2006
Our puppies have arrived and wow...a baker's dozen!  Yes, 13 precious babies, 6 boys and 7 girls!! 

 Well, I guess I
 am  the stud!!!

Click here for more information
       on this litter (2006) and pictures 
                  of all the pups.      
                                                                                                   Mighty Mo


We are so proud to announce that in addition to his new title, our Mighty Mo is a proud Papa To Be!!!  We have bred Hedy to Mo and have puppies on the way.  Check back for more details soon, or please contact us by clicking on the link above. 

Mighty Mo is a new AKC Champion!!!  His New Champion pics will be uploaded as soon as they arrive!

Sorry it has been so long...great updates though!  Hedy's puppies are doing so well in the ring.  Gus started out of the gate taking Reserve Winner's Dog at the Cow Palace Show last January 2006 at our pup's very first show ever.  Jake took Reserve Winner's Dog the next day.
Little Sydney shined as she took her Reserve win in a bitch major in February 2006  at just 7 months old.
Not to be out done by his siblings, Winston followed by taking Best Puppy a couple of times and a Reserve win in a dog major.
And Piggy...(ooops-she is so food driven, she got this nick name), I mean Miss Maggie Mcgee has competed in her 3rd show earning the award for Best Bred By Exhibitor and her 4th show  earning Reserve in a bitch major so she could catch up with her sister! 

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