Milk-Bone Excitement!! 
Yep!!  It's true.  Our Mighty Mo was featured as the "poster boy" for the extra large breed box of Milk-Bones that came out in September 2007!  Scroll all the way to the bottom to see the box cover!

This is the picture that won the contest.  Aimee and I want to thank you for all your votes and the heartfelt congrats!   

Mo has been featured in two local newspapers and there was some talk about a TV appearance on the "Today Show."  

We are really excited and a little overwhelmed.  During all this time Aimee has gotten married, bought a new house, and as most of you already know, Mo has sired his first litter of 13 pups!  

 July 2, 2007      Photo Shoot with the Milk-Bone people

This experience was so amazing!  It was unlike any other mastiff experience I have ever had, and as you know, I have had over 50 years of them!!  I am so disappointed that I didn't think to bring our camera, but my thought process at the time was that it was the job and responsibility of the pro photographer to take all the pictures and he should have his own camera!  Aarrrrgh!  Please forgive all the detail, but I truly wanted you to imagine with as much visual of what our day was like.

We had a 10:00 o'clock appointment in San Francisco to meet with the professional photographer in his studio, on the third floor of a high-rise, mind you.   We wanted to allow 2 hours, figuring parking would be an issue.  So Aimee, Mo, and I set out at 8:06 am, just 6 minutes behind schedule.  I blame our tardiness on Aimee and she maintains it was because of me, so we both agreed to blame Mo.  We took Aimee's little Toyota Matrix.  Mo was so stubborn getting in, complaining that it was too small for him and where was his "Mastiff-mobile" (our extended Ford van)?  The Matrix was going to be far easier to park once we arrived, so Mo just get your butt inside!

We made great time getting over to the City.  We actually found the studio in record time.  We began to circle the city blocks looking for just one little space. took a mere 40 minutes to get there and we spent another 45 minutes searching for a parking place.   We called the Milk-Bone people to let them know we were there and they said, "Oh yeah, parking is a real bi....  Just do what you can and don't worry about the time."

So we continued to circle and circle and circle until we finally found a parking space, approximately seven blocks, and that would be city blocks remember, away.  We were extremely prepared.  We brought with us, a soft crate for Mo in case we needed to contain him, his show bag that holds all his grooming supplies, his bowl for water, drool rags, some assorted treats, drool rags, squeeky toys, and more drool rags!  Aimee had her wardrobe bag (they wanted different attire for different shots), her make-up case, and we both had our purses.  So, we draped all of our belongings over our shoulders and off we went.   

When we arrived at the building, Mo nonchalantly walked into the lobby and looked around.  It was a busy work day for the people who worked in this high-rise building.  There were several people waiting for the elevator.  Some stared.  Aimee and I just smiled and waited for the elevator doors to open right along with everyone else.  Finally, someone asked, "Why are you here?  Is he famous or something?"  "Well, kind of.  He is the cover-boy for Milk-Bone and he is going to have his picture taken for the front of the box today.  We have, oooops, I mean had a 10:00 o'clock appointment."  As the doors opened, those of us wanting to go up, began to enter.  It was then that I realized I should probably pull Mo back and just wait until the next elevator came.  So, I announced, "You all go ahead.  We will wait for the next one."  A very nice gentleman said, "No, you can't do that or you will never make it up to the third floor!  It's just too busy around here.  Come on, he can ride with us."  So we all rode up together.  Mo lifted his head and looked around, not too sure of anything.  And then many of the people on the elevator looked at him, not too sure of anything.

As the elevator door opened we all filed out.  We found the suite and knocked on the door.  The man from Milk-Bone who was the co-ordinator of this event introduced himself.  Then we were introduced to a stylist who was in charge of Aimee's hair, make-up and wardrobe.  Then we met the photographer and his assistant.  They had two personal trainers for Mo.  One was in charge of his positioning and they actually hired one dog trainer for the entire day to specifically wipe the drool off Mo's jowls.  I guess I don't need to tell you who had the most difficult task!  

Lights, cameras, big screens, and several large umbrellas, just like you've all seen on TV or in the movies as they film were everywhere.  At first Mo was very up and co-operative.  We were told it would be about a four hour session.  It didn't seem possible that a) they would need all that time, or b) they would all have the patience to work with Mo for all that time, or c) that Mo would stay awake for all this time.  However, as the day wore on, and we didn't leave until after 2 pm, we realized that we needed all the time allotted.  Mo was quite a trooper until he just really got too hot and too tired.  He would pose nicely for a couple of shots and then drop down for a snooze.  He would rally again and be great for a few minutes and then roll over on his back for a snooze.  The photographer asked if there was any way to re-energize him.  It was really hot.  His tongue was hanging out.  And although we had his water bowl with us, he never seemed to really cool down.  I made a comment that it was too bad we didn't have any ice because I think that would really help.  The photographer snapped his fingers and barked, "Ice, someone go get Mo some ice."  Now, I've got to tell you, we were in the bowels of San Francisco with no grocery store or 7-11 anywhere in sight.  The assistant was only gone 20 minutes or so and where he finally found the ice AND a place to park is a complete mystery to us.

We wound up the shoot with the photographer saying how very pleased he was with what he shot.  I can't wait to see the end results!

So we loaded back up and headed for the car.  Mo was certainly a show stopper.  As we walked through the streets of San Francisco, people would point and several came up to meet him.  The funniest lady was sitting at a street cafe with her husband facing her with his back to us.  She was chewing her food, pointing over his shoulder, saying, "Look, look, look!"   He was only interested in his meal, but when he finally turned to see Mo, he seemed startled and his eyes really widened.  Mo was a true city spectacle. 

Finally back at the car, Mo loaded up with no trouble at all.  During the shoot, we were offered bagels and cream cheese to snack on.  But no one really had anything for lunch because we didn't take a break.  By the time we got back over the Bay Bridge, we stopped at Burger King.  Mo had his usual, a Double Whopper with cheese!

The boxes came and went...They hit the shelves in December of 2007 and sadly, to our knoweldge, are no longer in print.  Luckily, we were able to take pictures of the front and back of the box!  And, if you really want to see a box in person, we have one proudly on display at our house!

MilkBone Box Cover CELL MilkBone Backside of Box

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