Meet and Greet 

Mastiffs and I go way back.  Admittedly, my first few mastiffs were my buddies by default.  My dad had chosen them and I simply grew up with them.  I remember as a kid taking a long drive with my family to meet a breeder and her mastiffs.  She introduced each one of her mastiffs to us, one by one.  They all had different personalities, and all seemed to enjoy being with us.  They slobbered all over us and then laid by our feet while we sipped ice-cold lemon-aide that she had offered to us.  Great times!

As I have stated before, I feel choosing a breeder is paramount in the whole process of selecting your mastiff.  It is important to be able to have a long-term, close relationship with this person.  Your new pup will be a member of your family for many years to come.  Just as the breeders of my father's mastiffs did, I too, have made a commitment to my puppies and their new families to be available anytime for help.

We try to devote at least one Sunday afternoon every couple of months or so for an Open House-Meet and Greet "party" for folks to stop by and get acquainted with us.  There is truly nothing we enjoy more than relaxing on a Sunday afternoon with new friends who will listen to us brag up and dote on our dogs!! 

Our dog show schedule can be pretty rigorous.  Sometimes we have a show scheduled every weekend in a given month!  On the weekends we do have "free" as typical homeowners, we need to catch up on our chores.  However, we will try very hard to flex our schedule for anyone interested in coming for a visit.  If you would like to come by to meet our gang, please contact us to set up a time and date.  Also, please check our "Upcoming Events" page periodically for specific Meet and Greet dates.  

We look forward to hearing from you!    

Still under construction...PICTURES :) coming soon!!

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