Maggie McGee
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As a puppy, Maggie seemed only to grow upward, and not outward!  She was bigger (taller and longer bodied) than her mom as a nine month old puppy.  Below, she is just over nine months old.
She is all leg and looks like she will take after her Aunt Greta who is a fairly large girl! 

May 2006, (above) Maggie earned a blue ribbon in her Bred By Exhibitor class.  She was the only one in her class so the win was a give.  But a month later, June 2006, there was plenty of competition.  She earned Best Bred By Exhibitor one day and the following Sunday, she earned Reserve Winner's Bitch in a bitch major where there were 12 bitches competing.  And she was still only a pup, at 11 months old!  

Above, Best Bred By Exhibitor Bitch - Gridley, California  -  June 2006

Below, Maggie, on the right of your screen, is pictured (at 1 year of age) with her mom Hedy, as they each won 1st place in their classes at the Del Monte Show in Seaside last July 2006.

Above, Maggie won back-to-back Best of Winners in January 2007 at the Cow Palace.  She was 18 months old and finally starting to fill out.

Shortly after the Cow Palace wins, Maggie earned her first Major!  Then, her second major on Saturday, August 18, 2007 at the Mensona Show in Santa Rosa.  Both Maggie and her mother, Hedy seem to have great luck at this Mensona Show every year.  Maggie only needs one more point for her championship title!  Pictures coming soon!

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