Weaning, First Steps, & their little Eyes are Opening!

Sooooo much to share...
Things have been very busy around here lately.  All 10 pups continue to grow like crazy.  This week we have started weaning them from their momma.  Hedy has been a real trooper, taking full responsibility for the feeding of her pups.  Early on, I had actually made a deal with her that if she would please nurse all her babies, I would pretty much do everything else.  She took me up on the agreement and has decided motherhood for her isn't about being a "super mom."  She clearly prefers the "nanny" approach.  Licking her pups seemed to be way beneath her, so we have been "cleaning" them all for her.  Thank heavens for baby wipes!! 

My daughter, Aimee and her crew of Dave and Emily, performed a tag team effort this last weekend so I could get away for my first outing since the puppies were born.  Mighty Mo and I showed in Dixon both Saturday and Sunday.  I called Aimee with exciting news that Mo won his class in Sweeps both days and Aimee called me with exciting news, that instead of Hedy just looking over her puppies, while wagging her tail as she usually does, the little momma actually licked one of them!!  Aimee said it was so heartwarming to see her lick and roll little Grey Boy around!  I told her to tell Hedy that we would talk about it later, but my position was "Too little, too late!"

The little darlings have their eyes open. They are all walking, barking and even howling as they play together.  We are having so much fun watching them.  I will try to get as many pictures up as possible so you can enjoy this stage too.

First Steps . . .


They are just so adorable!!  They are all taking their first steps, rocking back and forth.   It is as if they have transformed themselves from a "rodent- like" creature into a tiny little mastiff with a giant personality.  They are all barking at each other with real little attitudes!  

Oooops, gotta go, Red Boy just escaped!!!           
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