The results of Hedy's ultrasound are in...We've got puppies!!!
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                         Hedy's Pregnancy

Well, I cannot even begin to express my joy!  We have puppies on the way!!!  And according to our veterinarian, plenty for all of us!  It is still too early for an accurate count and we still cannot determine the sexes.  Time will tell.  One of the signs of her pregnancy has been her extreme affection.  She is staying very close to me when I am home and when I have to leave, she kennels up into her crate with the door open all on her own.  Another sign is her increase of appetite, which may be partly responsible for her newly robust belly.  But the most significant sign I think is the beautiful glow she has about her.
Well, I think both Hedy and I have started to nest.  We
have set her whelping box up in the living room far from
the madding crowd.   We even have a custom
                             Do Not Disturb 
sign on her door where she will be for the next six weeks or so!


Here is her whelping box.  The white "shelf" around the lower perimeter is so if one of Hedy's pups scampers off behind her, she won't be able to smother him/her.  The heat lamp is to keep them all warm.  The green, red and yellow blanket is the most important item of whelping is the blanket on the 
EXTRA bed I made up for Jann, who
will be by my side every step of the


Hedy seems quite cozy in her new bed.  For the last few nights she has slept on my bed by "special invitation."  I figured she deserved some pampering.  It is time we both get a good night's sleep so she will stay right here in her box tonight.  I will sleep next to her (on the couch) so we can both begin to get into our new routine.  

We are busy ordering and gathering all our supplies and setting them up to be close at hand.  You simply cannot have too many rubber gloves, paper towels and puppy pads! 

Soon we will begin to set up the play area for our pups as they become a little older...more pictures then!

Here are some recent pictures of a very pregnant Hedy playing in the water, trying to beat the heat.  In the last couple of pictures, I thought how sweet it was that she had taken the time to stop and smell the roses, indulging herself in a private, relaxing moment before all her puppies arrived.   But if you really look closely at the last couple of photos in this section, she is actually eating the flowers, not smelling them!!

As you can all see, she has certainly lost her "showgirl" figure.  These photos were just taken a couple of days ago and today she seems even bigger still. 

Brand new update-7/7/05 @ 8:30 am-Hedy has been lying under me all morning as I have been          working on the computer.  Everyone has told me as we get closer to "the time" that I might be able to feel the puppies kicking.  I just did.  I felt two kicks and waited with time in between so I would be   sure of my findings.  This is really exciting and I will continue to keep you all posted!                        
The nursery play area is all clean and ready to go with many heavy-duty grade tarps from Home Depot under the blue carpet remnants!  By the time you all pick up your puppies in 8 weeks or so, they will have had at least some experience with the doggie door. 


7/11/05  Long morning.  Hedy and I have just come back from her "pre-natal" appointment.  She had her blood drawn for another progesterone level.  "Not yet" said the doc!  So I filled her pool so she could stay cool for the rest of the day!

                        Just look at her big belly!   She has to be just counting the minutes!!

7/14/05  Unfortunately the "signs" just aren't here yet for today to be THE day!  We woke up early as per doctor's orders to come in for another progesterone level.  Her temperature is still up over 100 degrees, she wolfed her breakfast down, and she ran around barking and playing on the deck behind her expen when she saw her sister Greta and Mighty Mo rumbling and tumbling together!  The little princess is back in the house resting now.  If there is any change, I will let you know.  Maybe tomorrow, but the longer she goes, the better for our pups!

7/15/05 @ 6:30 is a pleasant 64 degrees outside and Hedy is very relaxed as she enjoys some fresh air that will probably end up being in the triple digits in just a few hours.  Her temperature has not dropped to where her doctor wants it to be so it looks like she will hang on at least one more day, although it really doesn't look possible in these pictures!
@ 3:45 pm...It has reached 104 degrees here in the shade.  Hedy really took a long time considering whether or not to go out  for her "exercise" (potty) break.  It was way too hot.  I followed her out with a spritzer bottle filled with a little rose water (we use this for dog shows), making sure there was a mist around her the whole time.  I think I have finally realized why the puppies are taking so long...she isn't about to give up all this pampering until she absolutely has to!


7/16/05  Well, the puppies won't be here again today.  Doc said maybe Monday.  So Hedy and I just headed for home.  But to cheer us both up, we stopped off at Burger King on the way home.  Hedy got a double cheese burger and fries since she wasn't allowed to eat her breakfast early this morning before her appointment.   I got a chocolate milkshake!  I'll keep you all posted with any further news.  

7/17/05   Just got off the phone with Hedy's doctor and after a great deal of discussion regarding her blood results from yesterday and her breeding dates, both her doctor and I have drawn the same conclusion - Benz and Hedy's date appears to have been far more recreational during the first few days than procreational!!  We will be going back for yet another blood test tomorrow morning, having no food past 8 pm tonight and all our fingers crossed!

Meantime, Hedy is keeping cool, sprawled out on the kitchen floor.  All other dogs are here with me in the office because frankly she now takes up the whole kitchen floor!  I keep feeling her puppies and I must say her belly is just like holding a bag of popcorn that continues to pop after the microwave says it's done.

This shot of her was around 6:30 this
morning when it was nice and cool out. 

She is soooo pregnant and still so pretty!! 


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