My Early Dog Show Years

  …they say timing is everything! 

Thirty years ago, the timing just wasn't right for me to take on showing or breeding my mastiffs as a serious hobby.  First, I was consumed with diapers.  Loading up for the day at a show meant lots to pack up!  The expens and show equipment for the dog was quite enough.  Adding everything needed for three small children really pushed the envelope.  Our final straw was settling in ringside one hot summer day up at the Woodland, California show with a baby, a toddler, and a six year old, all unhappy because of the yellow-jackets!!

Dog shows just weren't the right family activity during that time of our lives.  For the next 15 years, we focused our weekends on the kid's activities, baseball, soccer, and ballet.
Back then, as you can see by the ribbons, I managed to get fourth out of four and third out of three. 
But I was still driven to achieve my goal of finishing my first champion, Owner-Handled, and I finally have done just that!  Next goal... Breeder-Owner-Handler.  We'll see...

It all began here...

         My daughter Aimee is seen sunbathing here to the left with our incredibly gorgeous brindle, Rebekah, in 1975. 

Below, nearly 30 years later Aimee stands with her beautiful bitch, Greta, then almost 13 months of age, as she earns her very first points.

One of my early show experiences was back in 1977, when I showed the same brindle bitch Aimee is pictured with above. 

(Below)  For those of you who show, check out the “A-frame” I have stacked her in!  More importantly, where was I going as the judge was going over my dog???  Although I literally had a lifetime of mastiff experience, I was clueless when it came to the show world, and found for me then, continuing the sport with three small children, to just be impossible.  

Almost three decades later, I am excited to be back in the ring.  Both Aimee and I have put several AKC championship points on each of our bitches and are quite satisfied with our accomplishments considering we are “newbies” and often competing against top handlers.  I love being in the ring now, and reveled in my glory of finishing my first champion.  Mighty Mo is my first male to show and we have had a blast in the ring together.  Click here for more details on his show career. 

But just for your enjoyment and in case you may recognize someone from "way back then," I have uploaded more pictures from that era.



Check it out . . . I'm still trying to
stack my dog! 

Back then I was awarded third out of three, and fourth out of four, and that's pretty much how I would have called it. 

Do you suppose more practice will help? 

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