Secret X Jack Litter  -  Born October 9, 2012
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Okay, since so many of you have requested pictures of the parents and relatives of these pups, I have started a separate page for them.  (Click here for family pics)
December 2, 2012
As if feeding these pups thus far hasn't been challenging enough!!  I make such an attempt for organization and fairness for each pup to thrive...
                                  girls 062_crop
Both saucers are placed before the pups simultaneously.  Typically, the pups divide, scatter, position, and eat.  But lately somebody is leading all the pups to one saucer first, telling them they have to eat all the food in that one saucer before they can move on to the next! 
  girls 063_crop  girls 064_crop
  girls 065_crop  girls 067_crop
  Come on!!!  Really?

December 1, 2012
The Girls
GIRLS 001_crop  girls 008_crop
girls 024_crop  girls 048
  girls 050_crop  girls 057
November 29, 2012
The Boys
boys 051_crop  boys 054_crop
  boys 015_crop_crop  boys 028_crop
  boys 029_crop  boys 046_crop
November 25, 2012         
The Puppy Party
Gracie 051  Gracie 037_crop
Gracie 039  Gracie 042
      Gracie 046  Gracie 047_crop
Gracie 050  Gracie 044

November 13, 2012
So they are five weeks old and getting more "rolly-polly" now.  Although they still fit okay in the whelping box, they are starting to form a second layer!  Check out the double decker on the left wall of the box!  Time for Puppy Playland!!!  
                               Week2 083_crop
November 7, 2012
So below, left, there are 13 pups on one saucer.         Below, right, 13 pups on 2 saucers. 
Week2 085_crop  Week2 089

After a great meal...gruel is everywhere.  Remember when I said I sometimes go days without a shower?  Well now I sometimes take 2 or 3 showers per day.  Trying to stay clean is just impractical.
                                   Week2 076
November 2, 2012  
One of the last times the pups got to nurse.  Secret had a Mother-daughter chat, it's time for gruel.
                            Week2 018_crop
Week2 045_crop  Week2 040_crop 
          "Mom we are still really hungry."            "So you think we should start you on gruel?"
As I always say..."Gruel is grueling and very, very messy."
            Week2 063_crop  Week2 065_crop 
I usually start out working with 2 or 3 pups, then I pour more gruel into the saucer and begin to add more pups, one by one, to eat.  I swear I was only gone 30 seconds to get another pup, and Yellow Girl got impatient and thought she would just eat straight from the bowl!

October 30, 2012 
Three-week birthday pic!  So here is the next week to compare.  Frankly, I think it looks like I just zoomed in closer. 
                             Week2 055_crop
Below...They are gaining weight and getting bigger, but I must say Mom is beginning to not have enough milk.  Bottle feeding is a necessity and they aren't really too fond of bottle!  Inappropriate sucking on each other has caused me to lose 5 pounds by jumping in and out of the whelping box to get the perp and then isolate them in lock-down (Rubber-maid bin).  Here is a picture of 6 of the bins, there are 10.  My little bedroom barely fits the whelping box, much less all the bins!  But here is where the pups go until they can re-enter the general population without sucking, usually after their next meal.

                     Week2 001
We are walking!!! And our eyes are opening!!
          Week2 005_crop  Week2 027_crop
                     Week2 053_crop
               I love this stage...the metamorphosis from rat-like creatures to cute and cuddly!
October 23, 2012
  Two-week birthday pic!  Okay, this is kind of fun.  So now you can guage how big the pups are getting each week. The whelping box the pups are in, measures 4' X 5' and I am trying to take a square picture of the whole box for easy comparison.  For any of you that might be game to wager a bet, guess what age they will no longer all fit into the box at the same time!
                                               TwoWeeksOld 025_crop

October 19, 2012  Just checking to see, if by any chance, they could all eat at once.  I knew better.  So back to (now), 3 shifts.  That means each feeding takes about 1 hour and a 1/2 by the time they all switch on and off Mom.
                             TwoWeeksOld 006

Here they are in the whelping box for the first time without their mom.  They need to scoot for exercise so they will get strong.  
                   07AllInBoxSecretXJack 037_crop

October 9, 2012
  The big day, just getting started...                                               
                          01GettingStartedSecretXJack 004_crop

       "Okay, all hands on deck. We'll need anyone at the front desk that can come back and help!"
                        02AllHandsOnDeckSecretXJack 006_crop

Here they come!

  03HereTheyComeSecretXJack 008  04TheresMoreSecretXJack 007
A face only a mother can love!!!
                    05AFaceOnlySecretXJack 009  

Thank heaven for Kevin! Don and Kevin are watching over the boys as they have their first meal at the veterinary hospital.  The girls are waiting for their turn under the heated air cover just beyond. 
                  06Thanks2KevinSecretXJack 014
                    The Boys
                                                                                          The Girls
            BeforeDuringAfterSecretXJack 018_crop       BeforeDuringAfterSecretXJack 028_crop
Not all the pups would fit on mom to nurse, so just to keep track of who had been fed, we decided to feed the boys first.  While they were enjoying their first meal, we tied the colored collars on the girls.

                          Our bucket of new babies on our way home...a very long day!
                    BeforeDuringAfterSecretXJack 017_crop

September 11, 2012          Babies' first picture...

So this is the first picture of the pups.  Secret's reproductive vet counted pups on the ultrasound screen twice, reaching 9, then 10.  She finally said, "There are too many to get an accurate count.  Just plan on a huge litter!"  Yea!!!!  

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