Cow Palace Fun
Come join us at the Cow Palace January 30-31, 2010! 

Show Location:
Cow Palace
Geneva & Santos Sts
Daly City, CA 94101
Area Map & Driving Directions
Local Weather Forecast

  We will be benched in the North Hall.
Show time Saturday: 8:30 a.m., Ring 24.
Show time Sunday: 8:30 a.m., Ring 23.
Please stop by and say hello.

Cow Palace 2008...Our "rainbow" of Mastiffs: Apricot, Fawn, and Brindle!
Left to right: Rosie, Mo, Lucy, Ranger, Lily, and Derwood.
For those of you keeping track of the family trees, Lucy and Ranger are Mo's offspring, and Lily is Derwood's daughter. 

Pictures and Memories of 2007...

"Hey, pretty cool, huh Rosie?  Everyone's coming by for a visit."

"Sure are a lot of people looking at us."

"Hey Rosie, check that weirdo out!"

"Whooa, that one's just a little too weird!  I've gotta keep my eye on him."

"Hey Rose...ROSE!!!  Rosie, what are you doing?  Are you still with us?"
"Hey Maggie, just when IS this shindig over anyway?"

"I'm pretty sure we have at least a couple more hours to just sit here."

"In that case, I think Rosie had the best idea."

"Mo has left the building."

"You all can check me out on the Milk Bone box instead!!"

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