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                                        Choose Your Breeder First                                                       

Owning a mastiff nowadays means about a 10 year commitment.  My recommendation to anyone looking for a mastiff puppy is to select a breeder first.  Once you feel comfortable with a breeder you find to be honest and reputable, ask to meet them and their mastiffs in person.  If interested, contact us.  We love nothing more than to spend an afternoon with anyone willing to let us show off our gang!  Once you have made your final choice of breeder, ask to be on their waiting list for a puppy.   If we do not have puppies available when you are looking, please let us recommend another reputable breeder for you to work with.  There are several of us breeders that network together to assure all our pups are placed with loving families.

Over 30 years ago, I set out to follow my dream of breeding mastiffs.  I contacted the breeder my father had gotten his last boy, Gentry, from.  I let her know my desires, which were that I wanted to both show and breed mastiffs, given all the conditions and circumstances were right to do so.  I purchased my first show mastiff from her in 1976, a beautiful
brindle bitch and well, the rest is history!

I breed mastiffs as a serious, passionate hobby.  I am not a commercial breeder.  For me, breeding mastiffs is not an income producing venture.  I do not breed often, nor do I rely on any revenue from my breeding program to support myself or my family.  My litters are whelped in my living room with the utmost of love and care.  I am self-employed and take at least 8 weeks off work to be with my pups nearly 24 hours per day.  A great deal of research is done on the health backgrounds and pedigrees of all the mastiffs in my breeding program prior to any decision to breed them.  I only breed what I consider will be an ultimate improvement on the parents, striving to produce the best of the best.  Paramount in my breeding program is attempting to produce mastiffs that will be well tempered, healthy, and only contribute to the betterment of the breed. 

Mastiffs enjoy a loving bond with their owners.  Although my dogs enjoy each other’s companionship when they are romping together on our back lawn, I am sure if I polled each one separately, they would say they would prefer to be an “only dog” not having to share any attention given to them!


I love showing my dogs at the dog shows and it thrills me each time I have a new litter of pups.  Will there be that one pup that will end up being Top Dog at the Westminster or the Eukanuba?  Maybe someday...  Frankly, if I could keep every puppy from every litter, I would.  But because I believe all my pups deserve a wonderful loving home with plenty of attention, I often look for puppy parents to share ownership of the pups I consider for the show ring and/or to breed.  This of course, requires a special commitment from the buyers but with possible financial advantages for them as well.

Over the years, I have had the distinct pleasure and privilige to enter into several solid and equitable co-ownership agreements with mastiff breeders and with some of my puppy buyers.  There are great advantages to co-owning a show-breeding quality mastiff for both the breeder who sells a pup and the new puppy parents who are buying a pup.    Should anyone be interested in owning a show quality or breeding quality Heritage Hearth mastiff, please contact me to discuss the possibility of a co-ownership agreement.  

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