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Reputable and responsible breeders are always striving to produce the most perfect mastiff ever, with goals at heart for perfect temperament, health and conformation.   We all have this obligation to our breed.  As we go about doing this however, a much bigger obligation and far more important to me anyway, is to see that every mastiff I produce is placed with a wonderful family. 

I am not sure if I can begin to express how proud I am to be able to say that every one of Hedy's pups from our first Heritage Hearth litter (
July 2005) was reserved by a wonderful "puppy parent" prior to being born.  And a couple of her pups actually had deposits on them prior to her even having been bred to the stud dog.  Many Puppy Applications were sent into us but not all were approved.  We had more requests for males than we had boy pups and one gentleman asked that we keep his deposit until the next litter so he would be first in line for our next male pup.  I am so proud to say that this gentleman is now enjoying his beautiful boy from our 2006, Hedy-Mo litter.        

The families that our pups have gone to live with, are just phenominal.  Yes, I had tears in my eyes as each one left, but we all keep in touch and I know all my pups are happy and living out their lives as if I had raised them myself.  I could never ask for more.  

The following letters and comments have been sent from some of my puppy parents.  As soon as I can, I will link them to their Pup's page.

2005 Black Boy - Gus

I spent a few months checking out Mastiff Breeders, reviewing contracts, breeding history, talking to Redwood Empire Mastiff Club members, Mastiff Rescue volunteers.

I spoke with several reputable breeders and a couple of questionable breeders as a result of making phone calls.  I was thrilled to receive recommendations from long standing REMC members who highly recommended HH and after speaking with Sarah, I felt very much at ease with the care and concern conveyed in our first couple of conversations.

In the process of waiting for the puppies to be born and waiting to take our new family member home, Heritage Hearth has been wonderfully informative and supportive and making us feel included every step of the way.  It was beyond my expectations, the amount of knowledgeable, conscientious care provided for the puppies by Heritage Hearth.  The love and affection given to the puppies is evident by the sweet happy healthy puppy we have with us today.  I am so grateful for Sarah's continued support, integrity and accessibility for questions and concern regarding mastiff puppy raising.


Thank you so much for the truly amazing experience for our whole family.


Best Regards to all the new puppy families,


Laura, Mike, Chris, Rex, David and Daniel

Novato, California


(Red Boy)
Our family feels blessed to have found Heritage Hearth Mastiffs.  We had been searching for a quality breeder for months.  Our son was rigorously saving his money, researching the Mastiff breed, and getting so excited for his 11th birthday gift.  My husband had a mastiff years ago, and we knew the importance in finding a great line, and a great breeder. Our dreams came true when we contacted Sarah!  She was always so knowledgeable, courteous, and professional.  We were kept informed every step of the way from pregnancy, to birth, to pick up day!  She was so helpful with information, materials, and emails.  We put 100% confidence in her as a breeder, but above all, a friend whom we trust.  Thanks for everything!



Draper, Utah



(Green Boy)
Before choosing Heritage Hearth Mastiffs, my husband and I had done extensive research to find a breeder.  We chose HH after getting several recommendations and contacting Sarah Child.   She has been dealing with these loveable giants for many years and it shows.  She has a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience.  Sarah is more than happy to share her experiences and answer any questions.  She kept us up to date and involved from “Benz and Hedy’s first date” to saying goodbye to her well cared for puppies.   Before receiving our puppy Sarah wrote a Puppies Manual that is very informative and full of her experiences.  Our puppy is very happy, healthy and very lovable which is a true testament to Sarah’s devotion and care to her Mastiffs. 


Tina and Tim

Canyon Country, California

2005 White Boy - Jake
My Name is Kelly, I am 33 years old and a former Olympic level Athlete in Equestrian Show Jumping.
Needless to say I am an Animal Lover, and have spent my entire with Life surrounded by Breeders of Horses and Dogs.
Growing up we had a variety of different Breeds of dogs, all AKC registered.
We as a Family were extremely diligent about researching the breeds, and the breeders.
It is the most vital element in finding the perfect dog for your lifestyle and home.
When it was my turn as an adult to get a dog on my own....
I spent 2 years researching, interviewing and talking with different breeders.
I knew I wanted a Mastiff, because of their loving personalities and temperaments.
When I met with Sarah Child and spent time with her Heritage Hearth Mastiffs, I knew I wouldn't find another breeder as wonderful as her.

Her heart and soul is behind not only her dogs, but the Mastiff Breed as a whole. 
She is one of the most caring and involved breeders I have ever met.  Her knowledge of the breed is amazing and is apparent when you see how wonderful her Mastiffs are when you spend time with them.
She was so involved with the litter and the future owners it made for a wonderful experience for everyone involved. 
I felt that the puppies were being watched over by Sarah as if their were her children.  I have never felt so confident and safe with a Breeder in my life.
My puppy from her litter is the biggest gift she could have ever given me, he is a direct reflection of the time and energy she put into the pups from the moment they were created. My little Mastiff is so wonderful it amazes me daily.
My dog Jake is the most loving animal, and  has such an incredible temperament that he has turned the city of San Francisco into it's own Mastiff Fan club.  He literally has a local fan club, the Marina District Fire Department being the head of the fan club.
I feel extremely lucky to have met Sarah and have her as my friend, her enthusiasm is contagious and her heart is pure gold.  She is one of the best breeders I have ever met, she makes me proud to be part of the Heritage Hearth Mastiffs.
Kelly R
SanFrancisco, California

(Grey Boy)
We had known for quite a while that we wanted an English Mastiff added to our family.  About a year ago, we decided that we were ready to start pursuing this.  We spent an enormous amount of time and energy gathering information regarding reputable breeders.  

We were referred to Heritage Hearth Mastiffs, and after our initial conversation with Sarah, we knew immediately that this would be a good match.  During our first telephone conversation, Sarah was a source of valuable information.


During Hedy’s pregnancy, Sarah kept us well-informed, always giving updates, and readily-available to answer any questions along the way.  At the birth of Hedy’s litter, even though Sarah played surrogate mother to 10 beautiful puppies, taking time off of work and literally dedicating 24-hours-a-day to making sure that everyone was taken care of, she still managed to keep us well-informed.


We were able to visit Heritage Hearth Mastiffs when the puppies were approximately 5-weeks old.  Not only did we interact with the puppies, we were also able to interact with other future parents.  There is no doubt that Sarah had diligently taken the time to make sure that all of Hedy’s puppies were going to very happy, loving homes.


When our puppy turned 8-weeks old, we were able to pick up our Jerry.  It was very important to both Sarah and our family that we did not traumatize Jerry by crating him up and putting him on a plane.  We drove our 6-1/2 hour trip up north to bring our new baby home.  We were given even more useful information, in addition to our “Mastiff Puppy Manual” that we had received several weeks earlier.


Since then, we have kept in regular contact with Sarah at Heritage Hearth Mastiffs.  She has even gone as far as having a Heritage Hearth Mastiffs group set up for all of the puppy parents to correspond through.


Needless to say, our experience with Heritage Hearth Mastiffs has been more than we could have ever asked for.  Anyone who is fortunate enough to be able to have a relationship with Sarah at Heritage Hearth Mastiffs will consider themselves one of the lucky ones!


Chad, Janet, Ryan, Bryce and Chase

(and of course, Jerry!)

 Mission Viejo, California

(Blue Boy)
We knew we wanted a mastiff for our next puppy.  We have three Newfoundlands and love the
giant breed dogs.  When we started looking for a puppy, we contacted several breeders. 
Heritage Hearth Mastiffs had puppies on the way and a very informative website.  Sarah has
many years of experience with mastiff’s and was willing to share her knowledge and love of
the breed.  After the puppies were born, we were kept well informed with pictures and updates.
We visited when the puppies were about one month old and all 10 were happy and healthy. 
Because of Sarah’s hard work, we have a beautiful, happy and healthy puppy.  He is a joy. We
thank Sarah and would highly recommend Heritage Hearth to anyone looking for a mastiff. 

Karin & Family and of course Cody, Anne & Marley
Morgan Hill, California 

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