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Sydney  X  Derwood 
Pups born November 7, 2007


Scroll all the way to the bottom to follow Syd's pregnancy, the birth of her pups, and their leaving us to go home with their new families, just after they rang in the New Year.                       

Just out of the doctor's office, we have wonderful news...Sydney, also has puppies on the way!  The pups are due about November 8, 2007.      
Sydney belongs to Aimee, my daughter.  Aimee and I have done many mother-daughter activities throughout the years.  Girl Scouts, dance recitals, and even working side-by-side in our landscaping business come to mind.  Whelping our two litters together will be among the fondest of memories!

Sydney, pictured below on the left, is littermate sister to both Maggie (mom of our litter born October 21, 2007) and Chloe (mom of our February 2007 litter).  She is the "mother to be" of this litter and Derwood, pictured on the right, is the proud daddy.

Today, November 5, 2007, Sydney went back to her doctor to see if she was ready for her pups to be born.  The short version of the answer to this question, "Are the puppies ready to come out yet?" is... "No."  And then to the question, "Well, if not today, when will they be ready?"  Answer, "Not sure, come back tomorrow."

For those of you who like explanation and more details, there is more.  When our girls come into season, we take them down to the vet for a progesterone blood test.  This value at the very beginning helps us to establish a baseline of progesterone values during the fertile cycle for us to determine the prime breeding time.  Progesterone blood draws are taken every third day, then every other day, then every day until our girl reaches the optimum level of fertility.  At that optimum time, she is bred using the most appropriate method her situation calls for.  

In Sydney's case, her progesterone values slowly climbed up, then went back down, then stalled, and finally shot way up.  All quite normal according to her doctor.  Meantime, we were driving Derwood back and forth to Sebastopol, so he could court Sydney.  "Why not just let them stay together and make babies naturally?" you ask.   Well, that is tricky.  Derwood is a natural breeder and with a girl he knows very well, such as Chloe (who lived with him), this method might work out just fine.  A lot can go wrong with a natural breeding.  Since mastiffs are such large animals, trying to facilitate a natural breeding can often lead to disappointment, and often times injured dogs (sometimes, permanently), because of an unsuccessful attempt.

Timing is everything with a successful breeding.  We decided, at our doctor's recommendation, to perform 3 TCI's (trans cervical inseminations).  They are like artificial inseminations, but more exact, as they deposit the semen directly into the cervix.

Okay, so now for the "Why don't we know when the puppies should be born?"  According to her progesterone values, the breeding schedule (3 TCI's) that took place over a week's time, the results of her ultrasound, and her physical exam today, we have a range of due dates.  November 7 - 10.

We will keep you posted! 
November 7, 2007  -Sydney and Derwood's litter is born and the count is...
     One Brindle Boy
     Two Fawn Boys
     One Brindle Girl
     One Fawn Girl
The pups are all just gorgeous, and mom and babies are doing well.  It is absolute chaos around here with all that is going on.  However, we have the most efficiently operating tag-team effort with Aimee, Karin, Don and me seeing that all pups are well cared for.  I am in between feedings (where else would I be!), but I will be back as soon as possible with photos.  My time on the website is probably going to be limited.  But, I am snapping pictures by the dozens and will upload just as soon as I can. 
Just a few of the special photos from the Sydney X Derwood litter:

Aimee and I were priviledged to be in the delivery room for Sydney's C-section.  One by one, the vet techs handed us the puppies to stimulate them. Here, Aimee is holding Holly, whom she would later end up keeping.  (I suppose it was a case of 'love at first sight!') It was such an exciting experience! CELL

Below, Aimee is holding all 5 of Sydney's babies.  Clearly, one of the very few times you can ever hold 5 mastiffs in your arms at once!

HollysDayofBirth CELL HoldingSydsBabies

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